When I was young (I’m going to be 11 years old this month) I felt it was hard to swing and hold the club in positions. I also felt that golf was boring. But since I started to take lessons from Dave, I’ve liked playing golf. Now I play much, much better than before. The most important thing is I enjoy playing golf.

Thanks, Dave


Annabelle Wang – Walnut, CA.



My name is Ashley Kim and I am the Mother of Meagan and Allison Kim. From the beginning Meagan and Allison had “No” idea what the sport of Golf was about. Dave has patiently taught them how to play and now with his expertise and guidance they excel in the sport. Meagan is a junior and plays # 4 on her High Schools Varsity golf team, while Allison a freshman plays # 1 on the schools JV team. I have observed Dave first hand; his passion and willingness to help my girls reach their full potential and also his dedication to the field of teaching. Dave has earned the utmost respect from me and my girls and he has also become my girl’s best friend and mentor.

Ashley Kim, President of Detail Escrow, Inc. – Artesia, CA.

As a mid-90’s golfer, I started taking lessons a little over a year ago from Dave Garcia to improve my scoring. Dave started by watching me hit shots and reviewing my swing on video. This helped me understand the things he was observing and allowed us to communicate clearly. Working together we were able to get rid of my slice and I actually began drawing my irons! During my vacation last summer, I was able to score an 80 on a private club in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was so excited; I called Dave from the course! With Dave’s helpful instruction I now have a solid game I enjoy.

Dan Jones, Retired Aerospace Executive – Yorba Linda, CA.

Not only has Dave helped me improve my golf game, but he has had a tremendous influence on my son’s game as well. Under Dave’s tutelage, Huck has lowered his handicap from 9 to 3 thus making him more competitive on his high school golf team. When Huck’s game started to slide after the beginning of the golf season, Dave quickly picked out a few minor swing flaws that brought him back into contention. Huck has since won two school tournaments and made it to the CIF playoffs. I would recommend Dave to anyone who wants to improve their game. Playing good golf just makes it a lot more fun.

Joe Truckey, Vice President of Cal Fasteners Inc. – Anaheim, CA.